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Shout out to Heads Up RC

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by Planecraz3d, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. I want to share an experience I had today with Headsuprc. I have dealt with them (Jeff and his staff) several times in the past and have alway had great experiences with them in the form of fast shipping, good packaging, and accurate inventory on their site, but today's events really set them apart from other vendors. I ordered a Mini SlowBipe from them earlier this week and received it in just three days, fast as usual. However, today while setting it up and getting it ready to maiden tomorrow I started having trouble with the Power Up motor. It has a built in prop saver and every time I throttle up it slings the prop and o-ring. I tried several props and it throws them all the same way, upon closer inspection I found the set screws which are also the prop saver o-ring retainers are not machined opposite each other like they should be but are offset causing the prop to be angled causing vibration and slinging the o-ring. I emailed HURC today around 2:30 and explained the problem I was having and attached a picture of it. I was really asking him what size set screws it used so I could replace them with a slightly longer one. I received a reply from Jeff today at around 7:00 (on a Sunday evening when they aren't even open) suggesting a possible solution but if that didn't work he would get another motor in the mail asap! I couldn't believe it when I seen the response that fast, so I had to get on here and give a shout out to the AMAZING Customer Service @ HURC!:grrreat::peace: Keep up the good work Jeff!!! :pompom::thumbup:

    Let me see anyone get service like that from HK!
  2. They are second to none. I asked for advice for a power system for my 3DHS Extra EPP. So I got what was recommended but the mounting orientation off the motor was backwards. He found the right one and sent it to me. Kicker was I didn't even have to send back the other one!

    Aside from that their website is great they have a wealth of information on everything they sell and I mean everything.

    Keep it up HURC!
  3. They did the same for me. Before I got the problem fixed they offered to send me a new one with no mention of returning the other. They also gave me a load of advice (which worked) to fix my motor.

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