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Scale Stuka Ju87 100in wingspan

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale Scratch and Kit Build Threads' started by Blazing Wings, Oct 8, 2020.

  1. I do plan to build another one for flying. Not sure if I go with the same size or bigger. Although, 100" wingspan is a neat size.
  2. On Your Feet Soldier!...Got her on her wheels.

    The pipe you see on her belly is a sleeve I made to slide in a galvanized tube when she will be on display. She will be mounted in a dive position.

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  3. Horizontal stabilizer struts installed. A little detail done on the cowl. Final piece of the built is to fit the canopy to fuselage. Guess I will be priming after the holidays.

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  4. Still a fast build, first post 10/8/20!
  5. Happy New Year guys.

    So, I received the 3 blade prop today and cut the slots for it into the spinner. All I have left to do, is some work on the canopy and then...hopefully....hopefully...start priming.

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  6. Still green where you live, I'm looking at snow one day followed by rain the next and cycle keeps repeating. Pretty mild winter so far, could be 10 below!
  7. It's cold down here, but the days are nice. Looking forward to spring where I can do more.
  8. Finally I had the chance today to start priming parts. I did wing, cowl, elevators and rudder.
    I also did some more work to the canopy. Once fitted to the fuselage I can prime that too. I hope to have all done by end of this month.

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  9. Any special primer? I see some rattle cans in the bucket.
  10. that bucket with rattle cans is for trash. I don't use rattle can paint on my projects. Primer I use is a 2k urethane primer and I use a spray gun.

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