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The Official Precision Aerobatics Katana MD Thread

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by admin, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. admin

    admin Guest

    The Official Precision Aerobatics Katana MD Discussion thread!

    From PA:

    [TABLE="width: 100%"]
    [TD][TABLE="width: 180"]
    [TD="class: mainBold"]Specifications[/TD]
    [TD][TABLE="width: 99%, align: right"]
    [TD="class: mainHome"]Wingspan: 1170mm / 46 in
    Length: 1140mm / 44.98 in
    Wing area: 500 sq.in
    Flight weight: approx 965g/34oz
    Wing loading: approx 9.77oz/sq.ft[/TD]
    [TD][TABLE="width: 180"]
    [TD="class: mainBold"] Drive System[/TD]
    [TD][TABLE="width: 99%, align: right"]
    [TD="class: mainHome, align: left"]PA Thrust 30 outrunner motor
    PA Quantum 45 Programmable ESC
    PA Lipo pack 11.1V 2200mAh 18-30c
    4 of Voltec VTS-70MG micro servos[/TD]

    With over 18 months invested in the design, the Katana MD™ is the first model to be built using the new and revolutionary building technique – PA FiberFusion® FiberFusion® is a method of combining carbon fiber, balsa and ply in a way never seen before, utilizing the strengths of the fibers within each raw material, with the end result being lighter, stronger, more rigid aircraft that fly like nothing else!
    For maximum aerodynamics, the aileron design and construction in this model is exceptional, made in such a way that the hinge gap is completely sealed. This is quite complex to produce: the ailerons fit into the wing trailing edge tunnels and are glued and aligned in the factory. Despite the laborious production of this design we decided to produce the ailerons this way, as it allows perfect aerodynamic flow over the airfoil and results in maximum efficiency of the control surfaces.
    Needless to say, the Katana MDâ„¢ is built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines. As any other PA model here too the two wings are removable with a CF wing tube and a CF sleeve which make the Katana MDâ„¢ a compact, durable, and easily transportable model.
    The Katana MDâ„¢ is not an enlarged version of the Katana Mini. Rather it is a new aerodynamic design with the strengths of the Katana Mini incorporated in it along with many new features. The combination of the design and the innovative construction technology grants an outstanding model, which will simply out do other planes in the same size category.
    The Katana MD™ is a freestyle machine. It is designed for advanced and professional pilots, not for a beginner. In the hands of a professional pilot the Katana MD™ will perform miracles. If you feel that you have graduated from the Katana Mini, this is the plane for you. If you want to practice your IMAC sequence the Katana MD™ is your best choice - its flight characteristics are very similar to a giant scale. And if you want to practice your 3D maneuvers - simply slide the battery aft to the recommended CG and you’ve got it made.
    So how does it fly? Solid elevators that will knock you down (put it this way, push full down elevator in inverted flight and you can take a nap). Stunning knife edges with close to zero coupling (only one click of rolling coupling with zero pitch coupling). Due to its super-light weight, exceptionally low wing loading and the design factors this plane is a serious floater. Harriers and elevators with a few clicks of throttle are hands off.
    This ARF redefines the word QUALITY through and through, from the design to the construction, the hardware and the level of finish. The attention to detail is second to none. The wings are matched individually to each fuselage just like we do on our giant scales and the model is 99% built for you in the factory:

    • Pre installed and sealed ailerons (just install your servos!)
    • Pre installed CF wing anti rotation pins
    • Fiberglass pre cut cowling reinforced with carbon fiber. No cutting is required! The cowling aerodynamic design (intakes, outlet), clever motor box design and two large air scoops allow airflow to efficiently cool the motor, battery and ESC.
    • Pre-fabricated tinted canopy and hatch is one unit attached to the model with
    • very strong magnets. No canopy trimming or gluing is required!
    • Include a high quality pre-fabricated Kevlar pull pull system ready for installation!
    • Pre drilled stiff carbon fiber landing gear and pre-installed blind nuts in the
    • fuselage allow a quick undercarriage installation.
    • Pre glued motor box with the correct thrust line already built in.
    • CNC machined pre cut firewall. Simply bolt your motor on!
    • Pre cut fiberglass wheel pants with ply mounting plate (pre-installed in the mold) (carbon fiber wheel pants are available)
    The brief assembly is a joy and most modellers will have it set up in one evening.

    • Two-piece removable wings
    • All new FiberFusion® technology
    • Largest wing area and lightest model in its category (=lowest wing loading)
    • State of the art laser cut light ply, balsa and carbon fiber construction
    • 3 metallic color schemes to choose from with carbon fiber trimming (yes this is not BLACK.. it is carbon!)
    • Top quality hardware kit included in the kit (including Kevlar prefabricated pull pull system with CF double servo arms)
    • Free deflection gauge and wing bolts spanner are included with each kit!
    Carbon fiber features

    • CF FiberFusionâ„¢ construction throughout the model
    • CF pushrods
    • CF wing tube
    • CF leading edge
    • CF firewall lockers
    • CF quality landing gear
    • CF CNC machined battery tray
    • CF cowling mounting lugs
    • CF CNC machined control horns
    • CF reinforced fiberglass cowling
    • CF wing and fuselage sleeve/spar
    • CF aileron servos mounting plate
    • CF CNC machined pull pull servo tray
    • CF anti-rotation wing pins (pre installed)
    • CF CNC machined double pull pull servo arm
    • CF CNC machined pull pull rudder control horn
    • CF elevator trailing edge reinforcement (pre installed)
    • Kevlar Pull-Pull Wires
    Optional upgrades:

    • Carbon fiber wheel pants
    • CNC machined carbon fiber long servo arms
    • CNC machined carbon fiber spinner with aluminum back plate
  2. admin

    admin Guest

    Michael Wargo flies the PA Katana MD:




  3. So why with all the new planes out there do I keep flying this plane so much? The design of this plane is so pefect for my flying I think. But the truth is this plane is so good and flies so true and solid. IT really makes me look good and gives me confidence that it is solid for all the cool low stuff...

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