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throttle sensitivity on a dx8

Discussion in 'Radio Programming Questions' started by wedoitall, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. is there anyway to make the throttle just alil bit more sensitive on my dx8? when i was trying to hover today, finger pinch'n, it seemed like i had to move the throttle alot to increase throttle. i guess you call it throttle travel on the Tx. now if i used just thumbs on the left stick, it didnt seem as bad.
    something like expo for throttle or something. hope this makes sense.
  2. Steve_B

    Steve_B 70cc twin V2

    You can use the throttle curve function to add any response curve you like to the throttle. The usual way to do it is to use a 'reverse exponential' like curve so as to give a more proportional power response to stick travel. A standard linear curve on throttle results in most of your available power is concentrated into the last 25% of the stick travel. This means that for the most of the travel the throttle response is very 'soft' then suddenly the power comes in with a rush in the last part of the stick movement.

    AFAIK if it seams easier to use thumbs then use them.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 21, 2012
  3. i thought i may be able to set up like a negative expo or something. will have to read my manual on how to do that. still new to the dx8 , which im really dig'n atm. i got me a transmitter tray and flying with pinch'd fingers on the right stick is the way for me. now on the left, idk yet. but if i set it up like you say, then maybe pinch'd will work better. thanks for the help

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