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Ultra Micro AS3X P-51D Review

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by Hai Two, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Hai Two

    Hai Two New to GSN!

    I don't own one of these birds because I have the original UM P-51 from 3 years ago. But a buddy of mine was gracious enough to let me grab on flight on his to do a comparison.

    Initial impressions:
    WOW! Beautiful bird. I like the silver base color over the old grey one. The clear canopy is nice and the little pilot figure adds to the touch. The scale details are really nice. HH is definitely redefining the ultra micro marget.
    Unless HH starts putting retracts on micros, I don't know what they can do next to step up to the next level.

    Maiden Flight report:
    I wasn't able to perform the maiden but my buddy told me only 2 to 4 clicks of down trim was needed to trim the bird out. I had a second person tell me first hand that he also only need the same amount of down trim on the maiden.

    My Flight report:
    I was flying my buddy's plane after his significant repair. He misjudged distance and smacked into a light pole days before we met up. A chunk of foam was displaced on the LE of the left wing. But we repaired it very well, it was still smooth as silk and to the trained eye one could see the cracks in the foam.


    Fortunately this did not impact my flying.
    The plane flies on rails, it went where I told it to and tracked straight. Warbird aerobatics are there: loops, rolls, hammerheads, immelmens, split-s, cuban eights, etc... Inverted flight required just a little bit of down elevator input.
    The plane stalls and then dips its nose and glides. Yes, I said glides. The original UM P-51 would just fall out of the sky, not the case on the new micro Mustang. Just like the micro P-40, this plane has an execellent glide ratio. I wasn't used to the glide and when I brought it in for a landing I overshot while gliding.
    This one also does not have the bad snap up characteristic the original micro Mustang has when coming out of a tight loop, exiting a tight loop on the new AS3X micro Mustang is as smooth as silk.
    I got about a 4-5 minute flight as he had been flying for a little bit on the pack before he handed the TX to me.

    My buddy checked the telemetry after a flight with his DX8 and reported it only transmitted the number of dropped frames and holds. For that particular 5-6 minute flight he had 8 dropped frames and 0 holds.

    Hands down the best ultra micro from HH I've flown yet. If I didn't have the original micro P-51 or micro P-40, this would be on my must have list. She's a solid performer and out right fun to fly. You really can not go wrong with picking this plane. My buddy who owns this only has 3 channel Radian experience and about a three months of 4 channel experience on the ultra micro T-28. He had been flying this plane for a week when I got up with him and he looked like a pro. Is this plane for beginners? No but if you have any 4ch experience I say step up to this plane for something scale and more aerobatic than a trainer plane. Both of my contacts who own this bird love it.

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