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  1. Jetpainter

    Krill 39% Ultimate 300KS Assembly And Paint

    This thread will cover the assembly and painting of a custom scheme on a Krill 39% Ultimate. My flying buddy Tony has been wanting one of these for a while now and decided now was the time. He wanted to order a custom scheme from Krill, but they told him that he wouldn't get it till next...
  2. Robert lyman

    For Sale 80" Starduster with SE 112

    Built to scale of the famous Don Bates Starduster. Autographed by him 3 years ago. Spektrum RX. $1500 ask any questions. Lincoln, Ne area
  3. Robert lyman

    For Sale 82" Starduster with SE 111 RTF

    Ask any Questions. This is the famous Don Bates Starduster, built to scale with his autograph. Spektrum RX. $1500. Can send more pictures and a video. Lincoln,Ne area
  4. Bipeguy03

    Sport The Kool Kanary (Giant Hot Kanary)

    Building season is once again upon us, and for me it's time for another scratch built bipe. Some of you may remember during my Krier Kraft build, that a friend of my Grampa Micky gave me boxes full of plans and molds for some of the airplanes that he and grampa built in the 80s. In those boxes...
  5. bobzilla

    SOLD! LPU LAS VEGAS - 100cc Pitts S-12 Biplane (92"ws) w/ DA100 - $1200

    100cc Pitts S-12 Biplane (92"ws) w/ DA100 AIRFRAME AND ENGINE ONLY $1200 firm Add your own electronics. 100-125cc Green/gold Pitts S-12 Biplane, 92"ws, Great running DA100 living on Redline oil, Falcon 27x10 carbon prop, 3 piece top wing, easy setup, carbon wing tube top wing. 4" Tru Turn...
  6. Xtreme_Power_RCS

    For Trade DLE 111 Pitts s12 Bulldog

    IN TEXAS< PICK UP OR MEET> not sure if i want to get rid of, just testing the watters. This plane here is absolutely beautiful! It has a DLE 111, with smoke system, jr matchboxes, and regulators. Has a brand new never drilled falcon Carbon prop for it. this plane is throw in your rx and fly. i...
  7. Bipeguy03

    Scale 25% Krier Kraft build, a tribute to grampa.

    WHERE THE IDEA CAME FROM Well, I've been itching to build for awhile because as much as I love my PAU ARFs nothing compares to the feeling of flying a plane you created from a box of stick. I had fun rebuilding my Pitts but again, it was a rebuild. Now I have been considering the Hostetler...
  8. 3dmike

    RedwingRC Now Taking Pre-Orders for the Segev "ARTiculate" Biplane!

    Take a look guys! RedwingRC is now taking pre-orders on the Segev "ARTiculate" Biplane! Their has been some good buzz around the pilot stations regarding this plane. Check it out! :-D Description: Introducing the newest freestyle airplane to hit the market - and Redwing RC's got it...