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Sometimes fear of another object, event or person may get transferred and be exhibited as a fear of holes and clusters. A few people are just genetically programmed to get anxious, hence may easily develop a fear of holes. One needs to seek therapy and counseling to overcome their fear of holes and clusters. One...
Join us this summer at the 2nd annual Rocky Mountain Cubfest Huckfest! Hosted by the Love Air R/C club in Fort Collins Colorado, this event promises 3 days of great flying and friendship! We will also have lights set up for night flying Friday and Saturday night. So far we have received donations from the...
Figure I would share this video I made. Enjoy! Note: Make sure hinges fit all the way before gluing! Forgot to include this in the video.
I have been a GP dealer for over 10 years did 6 figures sales with them during those years. Even though Tower Hobbies undercut my sells I still carried there products. Then almost a month ago I placed a order that comes COD to me, with that order after a week I wondered what happens so I check the tracking number...
Click to check out the BIG savings on our Memorial Day Sale starting this weekend ! ...​
Usually too busy to ever get serious about acquiring a plane hauler but finally found the right situation. An elderly retired friend of mine asked me recently if I knew of anyone that might be interested in a cargo trailer. He sold this to me cheap! . trailer2.jpg
While at the 2017 Joe Nall I got the new Extreme Flight 105.5" Slick 580 in the mail. Here is her out of the box!
$1400 Great trailer. Ramp door with diamond plate extension. Exterior receptacle for shore power. New quality tires, not cheapos. Spare tire. 123" inside length. Padded floor.
This is some interesting news.... http://www.wolfenstock.com/TaylorvFAA/TaylorFAAOpinion.pdf "In short, the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act provides that the FAA “may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft,” yet the FAA’s 2015 Registration Rule is a “rule or regulation...