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build guide

  1. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez 65″ Yak 54 Profile Step By Step Build Guide - Part 1

    Yak-54 Profile Build Log Hello 3DRC Forum and Aerobeez pilots and builders and welcome to our 2015 65" Yak 54 20cc Profile build log! This exciting YAK-54 Profile will be built around the DLE-20 engine. Please take note that the build steps are that of our pro pilot Pete. When building...
  2. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez 70″ Slick PRO Step By Step Build Guide

    Aerobeez 70" Slick Pro Build Manual Hello 3DRC Forum and Aerobeez pilots and fans, welcome to our official Step by Step build guide and manual for the 70" Slick Pro Electric ARF kit. This manual will walk you through the steps to building our Slick Pro and are in the order that we prefer to...