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  1. Bipeguy03

    Sport The Kool Kanary (Giant Hot Kanary)

    Building season is once again upon us, and for me it's time for another scratch built bipe. Some of you may remember during my Krier Kraft build, that a friend of my Grampa Micky gave me boxes full of plans and molds for some of the airplanes that he and grampa built in the 80s. In those boxes...
  2. Bipeguy03

    Scale 25% Krier Kraft build, a tribute to grampa.

    WHERE THE IDEA CAME FROM Well, I've been itching to build for awhile because as much as I love my PAU ARFs nothing compares to the feeling of flying a plane you created from a box of stick. I had fun rebuilding my Pitts but again, it was a rebuild. Now I have been considering the Hostetler...
  3. cam4569

    HobbyKing Piaget EPP build log

    Ok so as I was looking for another (backup) indoor flier I came across this Hobbyking EPP plane. for 41 dollars I figured it was a decent deal and worth a shot. Total with all the extras needed this plane can be built for under 75 dollars, not bad when the last EPP plane I built cost double...
  4. A

    3d sbach homemade

    i made this the other day plans are here for you if you have questions ask....its a super easy build and super cheap!!! http://youtu.be/qTO812edi6Q\ http://youtu.be/Yprs2kf0vrI
  5. xCrashNBurnx

    Mounting the Castle ICE 75

    I'm going to run the Castle ICE 75 speed controller in my 3DHS 58" Edge. Because it's so much heavier than the ICE Lite 75, I'm a bit concerned with simply zip tying it to the side of the motor box. I would love to see or hear about how you guys have mounted larger ESCs. I thought I might put a...