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  1. SnowDog

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    I haven't done a build thread in quite a while. This airframe is such a gem that I felt it was worth the time to do one now. So here goes, and thanks to @AKNick and @pawnshopmike for the encouragement.
  2. stangflyer

    SOLD! 4.5" spinner

    Hey all.... looking for a 4.5" spinner. I would optimally prefer the style that was on my 107" Pilot Edge. Red, 6" in height. But will settle for simple aluminum or unpainted c.f.. Thanks... Rob
  3. RacinjasonR4

    For Sale 3DHS 120" EXTRA 330 LX RX READY DA 170 RE3 PIPES

    Plane flown for IMAC only. The motor has about 3 gallons though it. Savox high voltage servos. $4500 RX ready $1500 airframe , pipes, and headers $3000 less the servos