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  1. SnowDog

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    I haven't done a build thread in quite a while. This airframe is such a gem that I felt it was worth the time to do one now. So here goes, and thanks to @AKNick and @pawnshopmike for the encouragement.
  2. Rolling.Circle

    Cool Twisted Hobbys - The Owners Thread (Vids, Sales, Discussions etc)

    Hey everybody I figured to help save space and start off a little Owners Group type of thread. It will help save space and I will post info on sales, answer questions or whatever. Feel free to post your vids, talk about your Twisted models... Anything goes... I actually logged in to drop...
  3. Rolling.Circle

    Aaron Griffin

    Aaron has been flying IMAC and Freestyle/3D competitions for about 5 years. He has won numerous Freestyle and IMAC pattern competitions. Aaron's most notable achievement so far has been winning the Regional Points series for IMAC's North East region in the Intermediate class in the 2015...