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  1. SnowDog

    Skywing 91" Edge 540 V2 Assembly Thread

    I haven't done a build thread in quite a while. This airframe is such a gem that I felt it was worth the time to do one now. So here goes, and thanks to @AKNick and @pawnshopmike for the encouragement.
  2. Jerry

    For Sale - NIB - 5 - MKS HV1230

    NIB - 5 - MKS HV1230 Only selling as a set HV1230 (0.094 sec/60° - 18 kg-cm (250 oz/in) @8.2V) Details SKU MKS-HV1230 Dead Band 0.0008ms (Default) Control System +Pulse Width Control Working Frequence 1520µs / 333hz (RX) Required Pulse 3.0~8.4 Volt Peak to Peak Square Wave Operating Voltage...
  3. Bartman

    Scale World Models 1/3 Super Cub Project

    Just in time for the cold weather moving into the Northeast!! Not just a build but a 'project' and as it goes we'll reveal what that 'project' is! It'll be a quick build and then we'll be on to the 'project' part of the 'project'! So here it is........ The biggest three letter word in...