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  1. Alpha20

    Ignition straight into powerbox?

    So, I am refurbishing my CARF Extra 330L 100cc - old plane, new setup. My plan is to have 2 x LIFE 3000 mah into a Powebox Evolution. I am planning to power the ignition straight from the Powerbox. Is this OK, or a no-go??
  2. bobzilla

    Giant Scale Setup Powerbox/Matchboxes/Ignition/Switch/Batteries

    Giant Scale Setup Powerbox 40/24/Ignition regulator/Switch/Batteries Complete giant scale setup for 30% and up. Items were installed in 46% Ultimate, but never flown. Includes the following: Powerbox Competition w/sensor switch - $180 includes PowerSystems Powerbox Competition 40/24 and...
  3. C

    Powerbox Digiswitch vs Missouri Heat

    This is my first thread, so this is probably a bit longwinded, but stick with it please! I was at the Cape Girardeau FLI (great event by the way) with my Sebart Su-29 140 with the following set up; Futaba FASST 7ch receiver - R617FS Powerbox Digiswitch...