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SOLD! Aeroworks QB Extra 300 LP 50cc


New to GSN!
Up for sale is an Aeroworks QB Extra 300LP 50cc. I am reluctantly listing this plane as these are becoming super hard to find. However, some things have recently transpired that is making the decision for me. Below are the specs. While it is in excellent condition, it does have a few minor “bruises” and is not a hangar queen. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Thanks for looking!
- Aeroworks Extra 300LP Red/white/blue version, 86” wingspan

- DLE 55 with stock muffler and ignition

- Smartfly Power Expander

- Smartfly Ignition Cut Off

- Hitec Optima 2.4 7 channel Receiver

- Hitec HS-5645MG servos on Rudder (x1), Aileron (x2), Elevator (x2)

- Futaba servo on Throttle (S9001)

- LiFe Source 2100 mAh Battery

- Fuel Dot

- Xoar Prop

- True turn spinner

- Aeroworks front and back instrument panels


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GSN Sponsor Tier 1
I have a AW 120cc DA powered Edge 540 that was a great flying plane. I ran out of gas flying downwind a couple of years ago and the results were bye bye landing gear and wingtip (shrub/bushy area landing) and I still haven't rebuilt the plane.