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Scale Byron Glasair Build

A friend ran across 2 finished byron glasairs and gave them to me since I have a full scale G1. Although these planes have flown im seriously worried about how much the Horizontal stabs flex... when I get home tomorrow ill try and measure how much they move up but i bet its close to 1/2" . Did yours flex alot


No mine did not, I used balsa sheeted cores with a carbon fiber arrow shaft spar. These were Monokoted and epoxied in place after the fuselage was painted. The original Byrofoam core and replacements are show below. The original design was removable allowing for some play. How are your finished?


Ill have to look when i get home tomorrow. Im betting sheeted with 1/16" balsa or just glassed over and painted. Im gun shy on H stabs breaking. I had one break on a 80 pound P 47 a few years ago.. it was showing signs of flexing and was beginning to bother me... then bam...lost everthing in that crash. I think a few servos survived was all...i know these two planes flew but I have no clue as to how much.