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Help! ESC wire length to batteries


640cc Uber Pimp
The question is how long can the wires be from the battery to the ESC, and how long can the wires be from the ESC to the motor. What are the consequences if making wires to long or longer and by how much. I do know the longer the wires are from the battery to the ESC has an impact on the life of the capacitors in the ESC but by how much.
Which is better to extend from the battery to the Esc or from the Esc to the motor.
Also know that there are special cap packs available that can be installed at the Esc on the battery side. Read about it but do not know of any one that has installed it and the results.


Great question. Sorry I don’t have any input, but am curious to know the answer.
All of my electric planes are small enough that wire lengths have never been a factor.
Always stayed with the manufacturers’ lengths.


640cc Uber Pimp
I found a very good article on the subject still reading through it and learning what not to do and how to work my way around the problem.
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640cc Uber Pimp
Yes I stumbled on that cap pack, be interested to see if you are going to use it.
Well after many days of reading all kinds of articles and info from everywhere and around the world, I have come to one conclusion extend the wires from the motor to the esc. It does not matter how long you make them no harm. (With in reason).