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Free! Hangar9 Super Cub bashed to Clipped Wing, ugly but flies nice


New to GSN!
Many years ago @WMcNabb gave me an Evolution 26GT engine and I've been trying to do something with it for all this time. I was building an oversized Super Kaos but that went nowhere and then it ended up on the H9 Super Cub (this was the plane that Horizon gave to @SleepyC for a review at FG but my friend that was supposed to build it took forever and then the photos kinda sucked and then the ESC for the electric motor caught fire......the review never got done) but that didn't seem cool enough. So it got a tuned pipe but that didn't do it either.

I was bored a few months ago and clipped the wings. It flies great but it's ugly, probably because the covering was very old and the blue didn't want to shrink or stick. I finally just threw the ugly blue thing on the one wing panel so I could go fly it. And it's fun!

So it's time for this plane that never seemed to get enough love to go to a new home. As bad as it looks, I hope I've done it justice by at least making it a kinda cool clipped Cub. You'll need to use a starter to get it running because it doesn't suck hard enough to pull fuel upside down when hand flipping it.

Price? Free! Come and get it but please just promise you'll fly it and not try to make a quick buck off of it. It might be hard to make even $1 because it's so ugly but did I mention how fun it is to fly??

Email works best, barchiola@yahoo.com

Hope all y'all are out there doing great, sorry I don't stop by enough, the love never ended! lol



New to GSN!


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I've got so many planes I couldn't even take a free one. And I will even be in New Jersey next month.