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Pulsar gliders


70cc twin V2
I've got the Pulsar Pro 4-meter electric. Fantastic plane. Mine built up at 56 ounces ready to fly. Awesome plane, and they do well in contests. I have the full house version. Search around the Net, there are several threads on this plane. SoaringUSA also carries some of them as does Esprit in Florida. The picture is mine with my 4-meter Xplorer2 TD plane behind it.


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70cc twin V2
Yep. The construction techniques come from the from flight world believe it or not!. Those guys are doing some amazing hight tech stuff when it comes to building strong and light structures.


70cc twin V2
That's what I figured. That they were gonna be admired for true quality. I've only seen one in action an it seemed to find lift when the other gliders were still seeking.