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For Sale RC Plane Stands


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Floor Stand - Lowered.jpg
Floor Stand Raised.jpg
Floor Stand1.jpg
Harry's  50lb. Focke-Wulf.jpg
Martin's Jet.jpg

Hand-made RC plane floor model stand. Top-quality, made from Baltic Birch plywood with quality hardware. Works well for medium (10 cc) to large (120 cc) RC planes. Fully adjustable angles, heights and arm slings for different body widths. The top of the arms have velcro with a velcro one wrap strap over them so you can adjust them as you move the arms in and out for a snug fit to your fuselage. Finished with Woca oil which dries to a hard durable long-lasting finish.


Collapsed stand measurements
Length 36" Width 24" Height 12"

  • Arms adjust for a 4" to 15" wide fuselage.
  • The length of the fuselage can be from 20" up to 84"
  • Holds up to 60lb aircraft.
  • Removable Wheel arms for easy transport.
  • 3" locking rubber wheels for stability and rough terrain.
Purchase them through my site at rcplanestands.com