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The 3DRCForums -Discuss Anything Thread-


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I've heard it said that the best camera is the one you have with you. And you probably have your phone more often than your D7200. :D


One would think that.... However since lately my focus has been more on media than flying, I always seem to have my camera gear with me at the field.

Next stop is XFC where I definitely won't be flying, but will take tons of pictures!

Oh, and tonite I had both. The Nikon wins again:
image.jpeg image.jpeg
Hey who let @gyro back on here thought you got banned lol Jk nice to see ya back on
Hey everyone mark your calandars for this one Ya dont want to miss it,, Rumor has it there will be 5 Aj Aircraft Lasers in the Raffle Spanning from 56in to 105inch,, Plus various other things from da,gp,aztechaeromodels, 3drchobbies, taildraggerrc,pulse batteries and any more,,, 4 days of 3d stick banging on the deck kick you know what flying,,, oh and plenty of room for campers, and a bath and shower house.. so just bring your planes yourself,, some clothes I would hope and drinks and food and you dont have to go anywhere for 4 days and just fly


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I'm going to fly sunday morning.... wish I could fly saturday also but got to attend a wedding

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Just wanted to check in and see how you all are doing! It's been a nice little break of zero website responsibilities.... I don't hardly check email now but a couple times a day... I feel like I'm just missing a tropical drink and a beach...

Bart my hats off to ya!!!


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Doin good @3dmike ! Getting used to the site a bit more and more. Doesn't seem as family friendly as the other site personally. I feel like this site could use your "This thread is worthless without pics" Smilie ha ha. With that said, there are a bunch more! :banana-dance:

I hope you're getting into the band again! I had my pianist (She left town) contact me and asked if I wanted to play in a month from now when she comes to visit... I should just do it. Take care bud.


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That dancing Bananna is awesome! Good to hear from ya nick. Yep I'm singing every Wednesday night and getting my feet wet one Sunday a month or so... It's been so amazing and fun. God is good! You should totally do it. I wish I could play the piano, guitar, drums, heck anything, I'm jealous! God will bless you with amazing flying days if you do, ha ha!

Later man!