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Rant! The real DEAL.. RCG/FG/ F them


Hey guys, It's me Sleepy.
Hope all is well.

I've been working 70 - 80 hrs a week trying to make ends meet. I'm not mad. Life has been hard but, I'm not a dead, so it's all good.

So what has happened in my eyes in the past few years.

1) Jim Graham and **********:
They are assholes. they suck the life out of everyone. If people could spend $10, they wanted $25.
They pushed my relationships with people and I could not cosnenciously do that.

I was fired after the last King 50 where I used 100% of the sponsorship to pay the winners. The question I was asked was " How does Bourke Enterprises make money from this". They were so stupid they didn't get the legitimacy of he contest to create legacy for he site.

During my last few months with RCG/FG no mater what I did selling Advertising it was never good enough. If my relationship with a company lead them to spend $5000 with us, the "Jim's" would want me to push them to $10K. Then never considered the result of that, just the bottom line.

When I started to rebel towards this I was the "bad guy".

When I was canned, I had 15 points of interest I wanted to pursue when i was in employment with RCG/FG. They always said NO... until the week I was fired, and then they did all 15 points of interest. (reference fog bugs, Jim T loved to take credit for my ideas)

OK... going back to the origins of GSN... I was losing my mind when FG fird me. I gave it my ALL. But the JIMs are ASSHOLES only concerned with profit. So when they let me go I was shocked. I had worked with Bart minimally on his multirotor site MRF. when I got canned he hit me up. Let it be know Bart is a GOOD DUDE. His heart has always been in the right area. During the start of GSN he did his best to support me and my family, but as you know life costs, and even if I worked 100 hours a week he could only afford me so much. I had to take every production gig and job I could get to pay my bills, And that was simply not enough to keep my end of the deal going. Bart had to fire me. As I could not fulfill my end of the bargain. I'm sorry but when your family mortgage is due and you kids needs shoes, you need to provide food and health insurance you have to do what you can. SO I was working 60 - 90 hours a week at 2 - 8 jobs to make ends meet. Bt not focusing on GSN.

Bart finally let me go... and mind you, he was aways fair and seriously helped me not sink into oblivion. Bart is an awesome person and a HUGE part of GSN. From when it started and to where it is now.

Today I work 50 - 90 hours a week trying to make a living. I'm $50K in debt from the years after I was fired from RCG, and working with GSN. I'm not complaining, but also sad.

I watched Bart sell my baby,. And I hoped it was going to be absorbed by someone who cared, and it looks like it was. Thank YOU!

I will never forget the people I met all those years ago and I miss a lot of you. Life sucks and rules at the same time.

I hope someday I can afford to enjoy a hobby, but right now that's now in my cards...

Long life GSN.

Respect to the new owners, PLEASE do your best.
You have a great group of guys as your members.

If any of you need a video (full production or aerials)

If you are a cop, swat, fire fighter, and you need a drone consultant, I teach at Tri -C college, and can assist you.

If you need any help with anything I can assist, I'd be happy to.
I miss all you guys...

ALL THAT BEING SAID... first person to send me a video of you punching Jim B or Jim T in the **** will earn much respect.

I miss a lot of you.
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Hey @SleepyC,

Glad you stopped by for a little visit. You are absolutely 100% correct about Bart. He is indeed, one of the good guys. The transition from Bart to Paul here was a little bumpy to start, but I think everything has worked itself out.

It may not be evident by the lack of responses to this thread, but I think you are missed around here. Hopefully your business will pick up enough to help you get a chance catch up again so you can stop by more often.

Take care Buddy,
Hey SleepyC,

I have been a member of both RCG and GiantScaleNews for quite some time, you are correct though on the outside it seems that the long haired git is an arsehole, I do not get involved with the giants as they have in fact turned me off giants, as for RCG well, it is probably worse. The Giants was a good place but ruined by fanboys and the fact if you question anything you will be banned by the git.

Not my cup of tea!

Glad you are ok, and your baby is doing well!!! sites were a darn site better when the Sleepy was around! this site is a good one!
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Staff member
Hey Brother Sleepy! Great to hear from you. Miss you every day!

Sorry for the slow reply. As you know life gets busy sometimes. Yesterday I went straight from work to the daughters school to chaperone a dance. Got home late and went straight to bed. Up and out the door first thing this morning and got home late again today. It's rare that I go 24 hours without checking in with my GSN family but it does happen occasionally.

Anyway, so glad to see you here. Don't be a stranger!
Hmmm, I said it a million times, F' those guys, those dumba$$es have been out of my head, never even think of the FG days anymore, and now this, like it's still going on, thanks SleepsterC. You're gonna have to get all those a$$holes out of your head and move on man, don't let it consume you, you're better then they are, in the end, they will all still be a$$holes...
Cinch, good to hear from you bud! Glad your nose is coming out of the water. If you wanna fly some stuff, get ahold me and we can fly at CBB.

Ive been busy playing dad. It is far more rewarding than a normal job. And I wouldnt trade it for anyrhing else in the world.


New to GSN!
Was going through an old disc and found the first get together in St Louis from 2007. An epic video of jagerbomb, snapasaurus, etc having fun. You probably won't remember me, but I remember the rain at Rockford that one year and the regular stupid things we did in St Louis each year.

Fell out of the hobby for a while. The video sparked my interest in seeing where things were. That's when I found this thread. May be too late, but I hope nothing but the best for you.

You were definitely part of what made all of these memories great.