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What did you make with your lathe/mill today?


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Then the boring bar holder goes here.



Looking for a Lathe/Mill project. While flying yesterday I decided to modify the gas cap on the Champ. When I made the cap didn't have a straight knurling tool so I used the diamond shaped tool.
. Found a few on the web from Harfington. Never bought from them before. Bought 1mm and 1 1/2mm pith with holder for $15.47 each. Will see how they work

IMG_0971 (1).JPG


I good flying friend of mine is also into trains, he likes old Lionel and Marx trains. He always comes up with a project for me. The last one was tapping 4-40 holes in an old engine. Took about 3 minutes but he was as happy as could be. When he was here last I showed him the prototype gear I made for Steven. So he calls early in the week and says can you make me a gear? I don't know sent me a picture. He sends me these photos. He brought the pump car over yesterday so that I could measure things up. Looks to be 16 teeth per inch left hand pitch. I ordered 6" piece of 3/4" SAE 360 brass from McMaster-Carr, should be here today.

IMG_1887 (2).jpg
IMG_1896 (1).jpg