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Xpress does a BANSHEE build...


640cc Uber Pimp
Man there is hardly a better sound than a prop ripping up the air!

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We'll see how gnarly this thing gets when it's all fully tuned up. Can't wait to get out and fly this weekend :cool:


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A video of today's shenanigans. The wind was cranking probably 15-20 gusts and a constant 10 right down the runway, not always the most fun to fly in.



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The more I fly this airplane, the more I like it. Right now it's very nose heavy, especially with the 20oz tank I just put in it (16oz originally). I stuck 2oz of lead onto the tailwheel bracket yesterday before I put it up in the shop for the week which should hopefully get it to balance out better, there's a good few degrees of up-trim in it to keep it flying level.

I also think I like the way it flies much better with the SFG's. Will have to get the photographer out next weekend for some pictures and better video :)