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1/4 scale P40 Warhawk

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by Blazing Wings, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. While I am building kits for customers, I sometimes decide to add some upgrades to my planes. So, I decided to make new canopy in carbon fiber. The front section is finished, and I am doing the rear next week. Also adding new building and composite techniques to make a strong but light air frame. I am not afraid to try something new while building. You have to keep improving and there are just so many ways and materials you can choose from when you work with composites, and so many ways of using them. My composite airframes are a lot more than just a bare epoxy hull.

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  2. P40 exhaust stacks. I added a base plate to be trimmed and fitted.

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  3. 1/4 scale carbon fiber composite canopy completed. I rough trimmed the part only.

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  4. This is the new P40E Warhawk kit. I made a new carbon fiber canopy kit (see previous post) to replace the one on the fuselage. I am fabricating the horizontal stabs, and sometime next week will post a picture showing the complete kit.

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  6. I had to see if my exhaust stacks look good on the plane. I think it does. It will all come together once painted and on its legs.

    Note: The stacks will be attached from the inside of the fuse of course. This is just for show.

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