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3D Newbies

Discussion in 'How To- 3D Flying and Aerobatics Flying' started by Treetopflyer2, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Treetopflyer2

    Treetopflyer2 New to GSN!

    Where would one start with if you're new and want to improve on your 3D talent? Types of planes? Easy manuvers>harder?
  2. SnowDog

    SnowDog Moderator

  3. you are in the right place to ask - check out the 3d section of the site, takes each manuever on in detail. I alsolike the 4 part michael wargo youtube videos - his way of explaining resonantes for me. I started and stilldo most of my practice with EPP foamies in the 32 inch range. My personal favorite for all round is the twisted hobbies Laser Lite. Others will have lots of other suggestions on this no doubt.

    And the last thing that really helped me go from beginner to intermediate skills, was to start flying EVERY DAY - even if it is only a couple of batteries.
    I fly at my club fields, I fly foamies in empty parking lots on the way to/from work. I fly when it is calm and when the wind blows. To paraphrase the NIKE ad - "Just Fly It"

    Hope this helps - asking questions on the "discuss anything" forum is always a good bet if you are unsure or "stuck"
  4. Treetopflyer2

    Treetopflyer2 New to GSN!

    5 years flying, mostly planes some quads, best planes that I like flying is the Flyzone Beaver and the Eflight Carbon Z Cub all year round-land,water and snow.
    I'm a member of AMA # 871 Propsnappers out of Greater Portland Me area and fly mostly at our field.
    I found the suggestion that looking at the cowl vs. the tail helps. I will give that a try. Not looking into being a profession 3D'er but enough to satisfy myself and give myself quicker radio movements.
    Anything else anyone would like to suggest that would be fantastic.
  5. 3dRCparts.com

    3dRCparts.com 70cc twin V2

    60" extreme flight edge is what you should get, start in low rates and have medium and high on a switch. 5 years flying, no reason to start with anything smaller

  6. AKfreak

    AKfreak 150cc

    Look, if you want to get good at 3D, don't start with a balsa plane, buy a good foamie. With the balsa, everything happens way faster, the plane slips through the air much faster, and when you crash (and you will, often) the cost is alot.

    Buy a Twisted Hobbys Crack Yak, or a Crack Laser and fly it every day. Then start to practice your new kills on the balsa. Also fly a sim as much as you can. Good luck.
  7. 3dNater

    3dNater 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    I tend to agree with [MENTION=3014]AKfreak[/MENTION]. I just bought a foamie to practice with and I am already a decent 3d pilot. A 60" extreme flight would be awesome to go along with it but the bulk of practice ought to be on the low-risk plane.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 28, 2014
  8. jmart95

    jmart95 70cc twin V2

    Best way to learn is sim time, tons of sim time. And watch wamsy's tutorials on youtube, they're pretty great if your looking to see how a maneuver is done properly.
  9. 3dNater

    3dNater 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    Agree again lol. I learned more on the Sim than any where else!
  10. I recommend twistedhobbys.com crask series foamy for a 3D trainer. Their planes are among the best and you can get everything you need from them. Nice people to deal with too.

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