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55" EPP/Plywood/Carbon fiber Hybrid Yak 54 coming from Skywing

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by rcguy1958, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. The Wattaplane & Skywing Yaks are both available on the Best Value RC website.



    Retail price $116.98, EMS shipping $73.33, total $190.31
    Great pricing :clap:

    AUW 2000 grams, 70.5 ounces,4 lbs 5 ozs.

    Recommending a 1000 watt power system.

    One thing I wish feda would work out is his online inventory, just putting that "3 in stock" there makes it confusing and keeps people leery of ordering. Fixing it is on his "to do " list, but he's had a busy year already with releasing 18 planes ( 3 different airframes and all the color schemes) and getting the US site running, but I still hope he does it soon.
  2. im gonna get the orange scheme. just like Santi said, these planes relieve the pucker factor, which in return helps you learn quicker.

    it seems like i can do and learn a certain manuveur better the closer and lower the plane is. like rollers and whatnot.

    now im just trying to figure which setup to use in this badboy. really would like to use my 6s3300's
  3. Santi8

    Santi8 70cc twin V2

    They were designed off 2 3s2200's. The typical 6s 3300 we see on 60" looks like it will be a bit heavy for this lighter frame...
  4. what i figured :(

    wonder what would be a couple good motor options? something that will haul but still get decent flight times on a 6s2200
  5. It's designed around a dualsky or Hengli 4250 500 kv motor, recommended 60 amp esc and an APC 14 X 7 prop. Servo holes are pre-cut for MG80 servos, making 50 in/ozs of torque or more.

    As far as the batteries, Santi is probably right, it does kinda suck that it helps out the guys flying 48" planes but also hinders guys flying 60" setups. It still might be worth a shot trying the 3300's, you never know until you try it .
  6. Thanks for the info RCGuy1958. I wish I had the money right now I would jump on one of the orange schemes. It looks great! Just waiting on the first flight reports. Any idea if Wattaplane will get them and in what color schemes? I was really hoping for the design with the green flames. If not the orange is still pretty sweet!
  7. Right now it looks like it's either the Wattaplane scheme, Red Flames, or the Skywing scheme, orange and black. If it goes like the Edge & slick, Wattaplane should have them in 2 - 3 weeks. I'll check with feda to get a better idea of the time line & if any other colors will be available in the near future.
  8. Cool thanks. I just remember Feda posting in a different site possible flame color choices. I was keeping my fingers crossed for the green flames. I really like the orange and black though.
  9. I asked for green /black in the original scheme, or an unpainted one so I can do my own scheme.
  10. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    This thread has been quiet for a bit... anything new going on with the Yak?

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