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Engine selection for H9 Beaver 30cc

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale ARF Build Threads' started by tailskid, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. tailskid

    tailskid 70cc twin V2

    Nick, I never did get a ride in a Beaver while in Alaska :( but I like the solid feeling of flying this bird. The 30cc engine is powerful enough so I'm glad I didn't go with my DLE35RA. I am swinging an 18-6 but might change to an 18-8 if I ever tach this bird and see if I can over rev it with the 18-6.

    I watched the videos and still can't find out why it turned so hard on take off. Maybe the second take-off was because the left wheel was thinking of coming off...and yes I filed a flat spot and I thought I used RED locktite but I guess I didn't.
  2. AKNick

    AKNick 150cc

    At full throttle in the air, does the plane pull to that side? As in maybe the trust angle is off?
    Could have had one wheel on the axel/or pinched too tight? Might just need to be on the rudder more
    I haven't used red locktite in a very long time. Blue is the way to go!
  3. tailskid

    tailskid 70cc twin V2

    Going from low to high throttle doesn't have any effect other than a change in the angle of attack :) I'm going to move the wheel a bit further out from the strut - I'm using 6" Dubro wheels. I keep forgetting to buy Blue Loctite - maybe next time I'm in Wally World....

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