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Joe Nall 2015 registration is now open!!! Who's going?

Discussion in 'Events, Contests, Swap Meets' started by 3dmike, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Joe Nall 2015 registration is now open! Who's going? THIS GUY!!!!

    Joe Nall registration link: http://www.tripletreeaerodrome.com/joe-nall-registration.php

    nightflight.jpg planeslinedup.jpg ban_nall.jpg

    JOE NALL WEEK-2015
    May 9-16
    Online Registration is Open!

    Go ahead, admit it, you’re already thinking about May……..sunny cool weather……..hundreds and hundreds of unbelievable models…..great flying, great food, great friends and TRIPLE TREE! If you’re a veteran of Joe Nall Week , you know exactly what this all means. If you’ve never been then it’s TIME to begin the process of marking it off of your bucket list! Let’s face it, there are just some experiences in life that you just MUST do! Joe Nall Week at Triple Tree is one of those experiences. The veterans will tell you that this event gets bigger and Triple Tree gets better year after year. For 2015, we’re forecasting a record number of pilots and that’s saying something when we hosted 1500 in 2014! There’s a new Welcome Center so that we can get you on your way to unlimited “Fun, Fellowship and Hospitality†quickly. The grass is looking great in the new lower camping area. The Electric Line camping has been expanded. In short, as hard as it is to believe, Triple Tree is going to be better than ever!

    Next, how about sharing all of this with the kids in your life? For 2015, Triple Tree is dedicating Joe Nall Week to kids. There’s going to be kid centric activities and the very best ticket pricing you’ll find anywhere. How much? How about FREE if you’re 18 years old or under??? All of us at Triple Tree want kids of all ages to love RC modeling and Triple Tree so load ‘em up and bring them with you. Just a reminder, there’s great hiking and fishing in addition to all of the model activities. Lady’s Day activities will be available again and the tour of downtown Greenville is always a favorite. The meals are going to be incredible!

    So, none of us are getting any younger. If you’re a Triple Tree veteran, you know what a special place Triple Tree is and you’ve experienced the thrill of Joe Nall Week. If you haven’t attended Joe Nall Week, you know that you’ve spent hours reading about it in magazines and on-line forums. You’ve dreamed about it and you’ve even said, “One day, I’ve got to go to Triple Tree.†Well, make 2015 THE year. Gather up your family and come on. We promise you, you’ll have the time of your life.

    Joe Nall Registration
    Pilot Registration

    [h=1]Online Registration is open![/h]
    Contact Scott Capps for all Registration Questions 864-884-4761
    We now have three forms of pilot registrations. Please choose from one of the following three options to Register as a Pilot. Once you have filled out your information and added your pilot registration to your cart you can choose Camping and BBQ Tickets also, without having to fill out your personal information for each item.
    Pilot's Spouse Free
    1st -Standard Pilot Registration, where you choose only the date you will be arriving.Pilots will use this page for Camping and BBQ tickets also.
    2nd - Junior Pilot Registration, where your arrival date doesn't matter, due to the single price format. (18 and under) Junior Pilots will use this page for Camping and BBQ tickets also.
    3rd - "1st Weekend Only" Pilot Registration and Camping, If you can only come to the first weekend. You will pay a single rate for the entire weekend. We have added a first weekend only camping option also.
    We also have Camping Only and 1st Weekend Camping Only.
    [h=2]2015 Joe Nall Waiver coming soon.[/h]
    Sign and bring waiver with you to the Welcome Center. Everyone entering the gate must fill out and turn in a Waiver.
    [h=2]***********Important Notice***********[/h]
    If you are registering as pilot you can purchase Camping and BBQ tickets on the "Pilot Registration Page" at the time you register as a pilot, to prevent having to enter your personal information for each item.
    [h=4][/h][h=2]Spectator Pricing
    [/h]$ Adult (Male or Female) This event is not open to the public! This is private property!
    $ Youth (ages 13 - 18) You must be or be a guest of a current member of AMA, or
    12 and under Free any flying organization member or full scale Pilot. If you
    are a guest, your host must be present with you.
    ********************************************************* ​
    [h=2]Camping Only
    [/h][h=2][/h][h=4]YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER AS A PILOT TO PRE-PAY FOR CAMPING.[/h]If you are NOT registering as a pilot or forgot to purchase Camping when you registered as a pilot you can do so below. After clicking the Camping link, you will need to choose your arrival date and fill in information below. If you plan on camping Saturday night May 16th, once you have selected your arrival date and added it to your cart, go back to the drop down list and choose Saturday night. Saturday night is NOT included in the May 8 - May 16 arrival dates. The Camping fees DO NOT include spectator fees. Everyone camping must be registered as a pilot or pay daily spectator fees. (See Spectators Pricing above)
    Click here for Camping Registration.

    [h=2]Triple Tree's World Famous BBQ[/h]
    If you are registering as a pilot or registering for camping you can purchase BBQ on those pages. For all others BBQ Tickets will be available at the Welcome Center.
    $25.00ea. Adult BBQ
    $10.00ea. Child BBQ

    [h=2]Help Support Triple Tree[/h]As a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, you can make a donation to Triple Tree and it is fully tax deductible. Your donation will help sustain the dream that Pat had – to provide a place where aviators could gather to share their passion for aviation and fellowship with one another.
    It’s a noble goal and we thank you, in advance, for your contribution.

  2. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    I am probably only going for the back end of the week as a spectator. Get a hotel for a couple of nights and a rent a car. Doing SEFF instead this year with dad and the RV. I do get first dibs on the premium camp site so I might change my mind if some other RV opportunity comes around.
  3. vegasking

    vegasking 70cc twin V2

    Joe Nall 2015 or Bust!

    20140511_183058.jpg 20140515_021022.jpg 20140511_182611.jpg 20140507_204949.jpg EXTRA.jpg

  4. Oh wow! We will be there. 4th year... or is it the 5th... I forget. When did registration open? Last year, I think it was much later. I think our pilot numbers were 38 and 39 last year. Guess we're well past that by now. Registered. Done. Golf carts not available for sign up yet.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 18, 2014
  5. AKfreak

    AKfreak 150cc

    I want to go, but I am not ready!

  6. clarkj

    clarkj 70cc twin V2

    My sister lives 80 miles from there so i was considering it. I would go fri and sat if i do. Im not taking any planes to fly because i dont want to drag my trailer 600 miles. Ive been told everyone needs to go at least once so im going to schedule my vacation but not sure if ill make it. My main reason for going is to see some scale warbirds because i rarely get to see them.
  7. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Did you go to the Warbirds over the Rockies this year? I heard it was awesome and a guy I know picked up a 120" p-47 there this year.
  8. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    Realize that the peak days at Nall are Wednesday through Friday. A lot of people drive from far away and stay the week so most leave Saturday.
  9. AKfreak

    AKfreak 150cc

    What days are the best to be at Joe Nall
  10. Wednesday to Saturday. We leave Saturday. Need at least a day to unpack and unwind from a long roadtrip. Your still looking at pictures and video for weeks after Nall. Just huge awesomeness...

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