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Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by jtec/radiowave, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. It was great that DA was so close by to rebuild that engine that night , i just remember Bones on the phone talking to you or DA about how rough if felt when we turned it over after the last runup then i helped him just removed from the plane to get it fixed.
    Is DA going to make of batch of extended headers to fix both2.8 and 3.1 metre planes , 200 and 120 header 120mm drop.

    Great guy Arron is and yes he will drool over that engine , the Giles is a great place for that gem of engine .:D
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  2. They already have the extended drop headers for the 200 and MX2 /Giles
  3. No plans for extended header for the 120DA ,hum going have to find a good brazer and some stainless 25mm dia tube for this modification .
    That aircraft Bones flew had an adapter on the header for the extended length , guess this was ahead of the production prototype extension for the DA 200 .
  4. This was Kim’s header on his Mx2

    Attached Files:

  5. Kim’s 200 with headers

    Attached Files:

  6. The headers on Bone's plane we made the extensions last year. Then we had DA get longer drop headers for the 200 for our kits. On the 2.8 planes I am not sure it needs an additional drop over the 90mm but if it does we will get DA to have more made for the 120"s
  7. I remember Orthobird extended his for the 120 so the canisters would align up on his . Sounds good i will stay tuned in .

    I believe there is going to be a couple of builds of the 3.1m MX2 , the pilots you sold those kits at the field sound eager to build up this MX2 .
    You have good product which is now in high demand hope you can keep up , looks like christmas has started early Al.
  9. The Shoutout was good and it showed for us. The wins at Clover Creek and the Shootout sure didn't hurt and showed how well our planes fly. Best part is how easy our kits go together. Right now I am ordering more material as we have 10 kits to cut. Its a pretty fair split with 5 MX2 and 5 Giles. Ok so one Giles is a 2.8 kit.

    I will check into the drop on the 2.8 as we have a couple guys local flying them. I don't recall them saying anything about the drop. Actually I am planning on building one for me so I will find out. If we need an additional drop I will get DA to order them for the 100 and 120

    Kevin is in Argentina with the USA pattern world team right now and will be back in about two weeks. I should have all the material in stock when he gets back so we will be running the laser and cnc foam cutter. Probably put the cnc router to work too!

    We have a couple kits going to Australia and a couple going to Japan. RC Depot plans on using 2 MX2 and 2 Giles 202 for the IMAC worlds next Sept. I believe we will have a very strong showing at the IMAC worlds.

    Another interesting bit of news, talking to Bryan Gilmore from DA told us that our canister on the DA 200 get 200 more RPM than any tuned pipes, not canisters but tuned pipes they tested and the RPM doesn't fall off and that's using stock header length.

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  10. Alky6

    Alky6 150cc

    That’s awesome news on the jtec cans and the 200! Probably a lot to do with your design along with the short coupled converge on the headers. Makes for a simple setup. Congrats!
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