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Scale Pitts S1-T, S1-S, and a Challenger.

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale Scratch and Kit Build Threads' started by acerc, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Forget lb. to hp it is more about torque vs prop vs rpm. DLE boast 56lbs thrust, on the break in stand during first tank I just had to punch top end once near the end of that tank and it hit 47lbs thrust. So once broke in it should be around that 56lb mark. The Valach does not state thrust but I can calculate it based on the 170, it will be approximately the same.
    But there are other factors that come into play as to how well each engine performs for a given task. The DLE turns a top rpm of about 7000 where as the Valach is around 4600. What it is propped for speed or power?
    I never consider hp when looking for an engine but rather what size props it can turn at what rpm. I doubt any of our engine specs are reliable, how exactly do they find those specs anyway. The Valach 170, by specs, is more power than my Dixie Chopper but there is no way the 170 could run it.
  2. Some supplies just showed up, cable for flying wires, connectors for wires, barbs for fuel fittings, more music wire, 3 rolls of Ultracote, and a new RCGF 60cc twin for the 1/3 scale Sheber Pitts of which I pulled to put in the Yak.
    Now if the wife's deliveries would just show up I can go get me some more wood!!
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  3. I do believe the last piece of wood has been glued in place. Everything but the ailerons are ready for the final sanding, and not much left to do on them.

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  4. The last of the wood is done, ailerons are ready for final sanding as well. The ailerons have a hardwood block inside covered by balsa sheeting for the control horns. I don't know if the horns would have any affect on the balsa, the horn mount/base is nearly an inch square secured by four screws into the hardwood block. Do you guys think I should cut the balsa sheeting over the hardwood, then add hardwood flush with the sheeting for the control horns?
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  5. If it was me, I’d lay the balsa sheeting over the hardwood blocks and not worry about it. Just don’t over tighten he screws in the horns.
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  6. Well, that's all I needed to hear. I'll soak the balsa with ca prior to covering and move on. Thanks!
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  7. The extension wire's that needed epoxied in place has been epoxied in place. I have looked it over a couple of time's and I definitely believe it is ready for final sanding, should get some of it done tomorrow.
    I had to order some more fuel line as what I thought I had was not there, will be here middle of the week. The Tech-Aero is scheduled to be here on Monday. So by end of the week I will either have started covering or ready and going to wait until I get back from Nall.

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  8. As those that follow along on other thread's know, this bird got sidelined again. Between all the work, other headaches and the such I had totally lost interest, not only in the hobby but everything else. But this afternoon on the way home from going out with the wife the thought of going and getting something done came back. So I have re-assembled it and been going over everything to freshen my memory, yea again. I quickly remembered I took the Rx for the Laser so I broke out one of the new X10's I purchased from Xtreme Power Systems, programmed it, and re-working on the wiring for the best fit. If the mood continues to return, and I believe it will, I will continue on towards the final sanding.
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  9. I think the mood is getting stronger, as I was just typing a post for the Laser thread something inside said let's get it done so I can pull out the custom Bulldog build.
  10. All the electrical has been re-adjusted for the X10. I also took a minute to play with the X10, plugged in 10 servos and everything operated accordingly. The X10 will come in handy on more servo thirsty models, just hook it up to the computer and program it then run an SBUS line to each X10. The Rx on this one is a four channel with two SBUS outputs albeit only one is needed here. As long as there are no glitches I think I will like this system a lot. I also replaced the battery wires with a higher gauge, 24 to 20, as well as the bridge rectifiers. I think it is ready for sanding, we'll see what tomorrow brings.lol
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