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Post your foamies you’re flying

Discussion in 'Foamies' started by GSNadmin, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Nice little thread. I didn't even know it existed. Well, all the better. I will add to it.
    Twisted Hobbies Edge 540. Very cool hunk of foam. Who'd have thunk you could have so much fun with something other than a "DUB"? The other Crack Lazer is my sons.
    20180429_105018.jpg 20180222_172831.jpg
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  2. I’ve been flying my Crack Laser and my Crack Camel quite a bit. Both have lights so I can fly them late evening when it starts to cool down.
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  3. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    I bought a twisted hobbies crack laser and never finished it. I gotta tighten up.
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  4. They fly amazing. Probably my favorite backyard plane ever.
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  5. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Get "Crackin'" boiy..... Get it? Crackin'? Lol. I "CRACK" me up. hearty-laugh.gif
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  6. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

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  7. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

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  8. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

    I have two foamies, well really three if you count one my buddy gave me that is still at his house.

    I have a Crack Pitts that I never fly and a Freewing Mig 21 that I really like and the third one is a Freewing Stinger 90.

    20170923_105704.jpg 21688039_1011219272353165_4423293808938426397_o.jpg
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  9. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    I just now pulled the trigger on a Freewing Avanti S PnP. Will be adding an Aura 8 to smooth it out for way low HS passes :).

    Got to admit these new foamy EDF designs are impressive. Way ahead of the HABU / E-flight stuff I used to fly.

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  10. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

    One of my flying buddies Chris, has that exact set up. It flies awesome.
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