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Robart Electric Retracts

Discussion in 'Scale Civillian and WarBirds' started by Red Raider, May 15, 2015.

  1. camss69

    camss69 70cc twin V2

    Man, sorry to see that...
  2. Oh, well. I'm going to put the 9 volt battery in it and see what happens. Really disappointed in Robart. I always held them in high regard.
  3. Ok, I've been pretty hard on Robart, both here and in my conversations with them. I was really disappointed in the fact that i had problems with a $650 set of retracts before I ever got them mounted in the plane. Then after I got them back, I installed them believing that all my issues had been resolved. I posted the video that showed them working, but still with the catch. The first time, it was bad enough that they wouldn't carrry the weight of the wheels without binding. Now they work well enough to raise and lower the gear. I put them in and sheeted around them. I was raising the gear to make sure I has plenty of clearance in the wheel well, and one of the actuators broke internally. A frustrated call to Robart got me in touch with their technical support. That was on Wednesday afternoon. My replacement actuator was in the mail today.

    Even though I've had some bad luck so far, the customer service has been excellent. I'm confident in the structure of the gear, and now maybe I've got the gremlins worked out. I'll post a video and more of my experience tomorrow.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2015
  6. At the end of the last video I was re-energized to get the Mustang back on the front burner and try to get it done before West Texas Warbirds. I cycled the gears probably 8-9 times and they worked flawlessly. But, I was retracting them to get the gear out of the way so that I could work on the gear doors and heard a grinding sound in the actuator that I had just replaced. A couple more cycles and it was done. Won't go up, won't come down. Damn!! Now I'm really upset. Got them in a box to send back to Robart first thing tomorrow. I've never seen nor heard of anyone having this much trouble with anything from Robart. This is the last time that I send them back. If third time isn't the charm, then I'm going to have a real issue and probably try to get my money back and go with Sierra.
  7. camss69

    camss69 70cc twin V2

    Ugh...I saw you vids earlier and was just going to post that I was glad you got them fixed! Then I saw your last post.. Man that's rough sorry about that..

    Well like I mentioned the gear Robart makes for the 60cc Corsair is horrible... Pretty much not even an option as far as I'm concerned.

    My Sierra gear is nice but the customer service is sloooooowww.. I think it took at least two months to get my gear.. I ordered the gear and the wheels he makes and the axels that came with them are too short to fit the wheels. I called and didn't get an answer for a couple weeks. Finally after a couple weeks I got through to him and he said he would send me a new set of axles. Here a couple weeks after that and still no axles.. I'm sure I'll get them but if you're in a hurry you're at the mercy of his schedule. The quality is impressive but you wait for it.
  8. I've heard about the slow (but sure) timelines on the Sierra. I guess good things are worth waiting for. In my application, the Sierra would be $754 plus the cost of actuators if I wanted them to be electric. Pushing a grand if not more. I've already got so much invested in the Robarts that I'm committed to making them work. And according to their repair department, so are they. We'll see, I guess. :-/
  9. There are other options out there but I agree. see if robart can make good on their product first.
  10. Sorry to see you having so much problem with the electric gear. Since I have heard so much bad about everyones electric gear I opted for the old tried and true AIR system. I have a set of Robarts BIG HD Corsair gear in my 110 " AC and they work flawlessly ! If air systems are put in correctly and maintained they are almost bullet proof . I have a safety collar on every connection and soap test everything when it goes together. About every twenty flights or so I put 100 lbs in it and see how long it holds . Maintenance is the key,at least for me. I hope you can get your gear straightened out quickly as that is a pain in the butt when you've got a build to finish. WP
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