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Skip Stewart's P3 Revolution, 60cc, Horizon Hobby, NEW!

Discussion in 'Scale Civillian and WarBirds' started by Bartman, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!


    What is there to do other than to say YES!!


    The Hangar 9® P3 Revolution 60cc giant scale biplane is an exclusively licensed model of the radical new aircraft design for Skip Stewart Airshows. Like the full-size, the outline of the P3 Revolution 60cc is unconventional in practically every aspect. The actual aircraft Skip Stewart will fly in the very near future gets its lightweight specifications from advanced composite construction. World-class RC pilot, Mike McConville, has engineered this model using lightweight all-wood construction. It’s a level of durability that’s critical to hardcore 3D performance in this size class, plus it allows genuine UltraCote® film to deliver a finish that’s resilient as it is beautiful.

    One look at the enormous double-beveled control surfaces and it’s easy to tell this airplane was purpose built for outrageous 3D maneuverability. In contrast, the stretched fuselage and high-aspect ratio of its tapered wings suggests precision aerobatics is within the performance envelope. When matched with the recommended Spektrum electronics and 60cc-size gas engine, you can tune this unique biplane any way you like. You’ll get vertical pull to yank this big bipe out of a hover, and the precision to wail through crank-shaft rollers and hard snap in ways that would red-eye any pilot in the full-scale world.

    Convenience features like plug-in wings and stabilizers mean that getting the P3 Revolution to the field is no problem. Completed features like factory-hinged ailerons and elevators, a pre-drilled firewall, and a complete high-quality hardware package mean you won’t be at the work bench very long. Even a pilot figure with the likeness of Skip Stewart is included so you can experience the future of airshow aerobatics right at your home field.

    Exclusive License
    The P3 Revolution 60cc model is produced with an exclusive license by Skip Stewart Airshows and features the same complex graphics as the original with a Genuine UltraCote® film finish. To top it off, even the included pilot figure looks like Skip Stewart.

    Mike McConville Design
    World class RC pilot, Mike McConville designed this model to offer breakthrough performance to 3D pilots looking for the advantages an advanced biplane design can deliver.

    Plug-in Wings and Tail
    The two-piece, plug-in wings feature carbon-fiber joiner tubes and tool-free I-strut installation. The two-piece, plug-in horizontal stabilizers also have a carbon-fiber joiner tube and simply bolt to the fuselage side.

    Highly Pre-Fabricated
    The all-wood structure features lightweight laser-cut construction with locations for all the accessories already cutout. To further speed the assembly process, hinges for the aileron and elevators have been factory installed.

    Fiberglass Cowl and Wheel Pants
    The fiberglass cowl and wheel pants color match the vibrant trim scheme. The landing gear is fabricated from high-strength aluminum and also have a matching black paint finish.

    Complete Hardware Package
    The high-quality hardware pack features heavy-duty ball-link connectors and dual-plate fiberglass control horns that help make final pushrod adjustments simple. Even the fuel tank is included.

    Key Features
    • Designed by world class RC pilot, Mike McConville
    • Exclusive, officially licensed P3 Revolution model
    • Engineered to deliver 3D performance in a precision biplane platform
    • Two-piece, plug-in wings with carbon-fiber joiner tube
    • Two-piece, plug-in horizontal stabilizers with carbon-fiber joiner tube
    • Laser-cut, all-wood construction that’s lightweight
    • Pre-hinged ailerons and elevators (pre-drilled rudder)
    • Genuine UltraCote® film finish with complex graphics applied
    • Pre-drilled firewall that’s ready to mount your 60cc-size gas/petrol engine
    • Color-matching fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
    • Painted, high-strength aluminum landing gear
    • Complete, high-quality hardware pack, plus fuel tank included
    • Ball-link connectors and dual-plate fiberglass control horns
    • Painted pilot figure included
    Needed To Complete
    • 6+ Channel, full-range transmitter and receiver
    • 60–70cc 2-stroke gas/petrol engine
    • 7 × High torque servos
    • 2 × Standard servos
    • 3 × Batteries for radio and engine ignition
    • 4.5-Inch spinner
    • Propeller
    HAN4630_a0.jpeg HAN4630_a2.jpeg HAN4630_a3.jpeg HAN4630_a4.jpeg HAN4630_a5.jpeg HAN4630_a6.jpeg HAN4630_a7.jpeg HAN4630_a8.jpeg HAN4630_a9.jpeg HAN4630_a10.jpeg HAN4630_a11.jpeg HAN4630_a12.jpeg HAN4630_a13.jpeg HAN4630_a14.jpeg HAN4630_a15.jpeg HAN4630_a16.jpeg HAN4630_a17.jpeg HAN4630_a18.jpeg HAN4630_a19.jpeg HAN4630_a20.jpeg HAN4630_a21.jpeg HAN4630_a22.jpeg HAN4630_a23.jpeg HAN4630_a24.jpeg HAN4630_a25.jpeg HAN4630_b0.jpeg

    Attached Files:

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  2. ericb

    ericb Team WTFO GSN Contributor

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  3. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

    I want one BAD!
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  4. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Not a huge biplane fan but this is sweet.
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  5. Judge

    Judge 70cc twin V2

    That's why I like it. The Hempel 50% Pitts & Challengers, those are HUGE, this one is "just right" :confused??:
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  6. :dancing-chicken::dancing-chicken::dancing-chicken:
  7. yakken

    yakken 100cc

    Nice, but the rudder is funky looking
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  8. Bartman

    Bartman Defender of the Noob!

    ok, you've had all day to think about it, who's going to be first?
  9. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    Damn it @Bartman !!! Summer time power bills ate my lunch along with other things and you just have to show us this.

    Want to go in halvesees but hanger it at my place???
  10. Snoopy1

    Snoopy1 640cc Uber Pimp

    One question will a DA 70 fit within the couwl.

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