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Discussion in 'ExtremeFlight/3DHS' started by Lonelasso, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Lonelasso

    Lonelasso 70cc twin V2

    Here's my testimonial for how MUCH I love the 51" Slick--I'm now flying my 4TH ! :D How many 'other' ARFs can claim that kind of loyalty ? I can not imagine NOT having one (51"). The endurance is now legendary.....and I have experienced it myself...more times than I care to mention ;) My last (3rd) survived a direct hit on a parking lot light, popped a wing bolt after a VERY violent blender and flew again within minutes (replaced the prop and wing bolt). I even yanked the LG/lg plate out after hitting a CURB !
    #2 survived an inverted flat spin from 100 feet after the turnigy BEC died....the rudder was buried 2 inches ! :eek: I can't recall HOW much endurance #1 endured, but do remember that it died after I forgot to connect the aileron servos AND did NOT perform pre-flight :eek:
    So....the reason for this thread is....express your LOVE for your SLICK, so that those that do not yet own one...WILL :D
  2. Are you tow-mater on rcgroups?
  3. Subbed!!
  4. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Yes, he is :)

    Thanks Dave for starting this one... Ive got a permanent infection!

  5. I only have a 71 right now but eventually would like to get a 51 for those days when I don't want to hassle with the 71. I have to strap it down in the back of my truck. Totally worth it but sometimes I can be lazy. I do like the bigger size though. It is my first big plane and I am just infatuated with it.

    Just found out that electric 71's are up for pre-order!! They are suppose to ship early September. Get em while there hot!!! http://www.3dhobbyshop.com/AJ-Slicks_c_199.html
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 23, 2012

  6. Cool!
  7. Does the 51" fit in a SUV with the wings still on?
  8. 3dNater

    3dNater 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    If I held my mouth right I could get the 51 slick in the back seat of my saturn with the wings on. If you can't do that with your SUV you bought the wrong truck ;)
  9. Lonelasso

    Lonelasso 70cc twin V2

    OMG !! Double pOsT !! ;)
  10. Lonelasso

    Lonelasso 70cc twin V2

    Pretty sure iT'LL fit...if you stand iT on the nose and angle iT iN :D :D

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