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Discussion The I’m going out flying thread 2018

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by Buddy5303, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

    It was a but colder than 75 here yesterday, but it did make it into the 50's. About half of the north-south runway was flooded from the couple inches of rain we had the days before, but when it's sunny, makes 50, and the winds fairly calm, it's time to fly!

    20181216_111023_resized.jpg 20181216_122651_resized_1.jpg
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  2. BalsaDust

    BalsaDust Moderator


    Got the maiden out of the way on my Vortex 3 dlg. Awesome flying plane. Need some calmer weather to get proper trim flights in.
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  3. Snoopy1

    Snoopy1 640cc Uber Pimp

    Throwing that plane into the air is it more technique or strength, it looks like a young mans sport. I belive my arm would be dead after a number of flights.
  4. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Technique, combined with some strength. The idea is to turn yourself into a rubber band and unwind at just the right moment to throw it forward- pitching up comes from a mix. The good news is one good throw yields a good flight time, and some of the local guys here get quite a long flight time :cool:
  5. Those thing hurt my hip more than my arm.
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  6. Snoopy1

    Snoopy1 640cc Uber Pimp

    What is a long flight 15 minutes or 30 minutes
  7. BalsaDust

    BalsaDust Moderator

    Yes more technique than strength. Most of the guys out there getting the higher launches are really skinny guys. Some of it is in the plane too. This new plane launches higher than the one in my profile pic and I’m not even throwing it as hard.

    Long flight times can be had. Guy I fly with all the time I have seen have quite a few 10-15 minute flights but on a day when the air is good he said he will normally make about a 6 minute flight then come in and do it again. Really not as much fun when the air is so good as you don’t have to work or really build your skills to speck the plane out as the thermals are so strong they just do it for you.
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  8. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Seen some guys up for several hours with very light winds on a slope.
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  9. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    This is hand launch glider?
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  10. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    If it were me I'd just plane hurt :concern:.

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