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Xpress does a BANSHEE build...

Discussion in 'Aerobeez.com' started by Xpress, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    So I picked one of these up at the 2016 AMA Expo this past weekend, could not pass it up. I will try and be as detailed as possible in my build to give the lesser experienced builders a bit of a boost in their build. Some notes about the airplane:

    -Covering is immaculate out of the box.
    -Airplane is extremely well packaged and protected against damage.
    -HIGH quality hardware is included!!! This includes aluminum wheels with replaceable rubber, tailwheel, and even a pre-assembled Fourtitude style tank!
    -Options for engine exhaust setups (I will be running mufflers).
    -Plenty of extra matching covering for repairs or building goofs...

    The selected equipment:

    -The always fabulous Hitec Aurora 9X
    -The stupid fast and high res Hitec Maxima 6 (2 for redundancy)
    -The stunning Hitec HSB-9485SH brushless servos (9465 on throttle for speed)
    -The outstanding Desert Aircraft DA70
    -Pair of 2s 1300 rx packs

    Last night we opened the box, tomorrow we will get to the build...

  2. Bushwacker

    Bushwacker 3DRCF Moderator

    Hey man you should run some Savox servos on there. J/K

    Would be nice if you took it out of the box and spread it out for us though....
  3. Lol Bush
  4. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Hey this isn't an Extreme Flight/3D Hobby Shop build ;)


    kidding of course..

    All in due time. Tomorrow night I will have some free time to get everything out of the box and laid out, then start going through build details.
  5. Good one Xpress!!

  6. Brashair

    Brashair 30cc

    Mine was received with some fuselage damage but was promptly replaced by Ray so no complaints. My ailerons were glued in so don't be surprised if yours are. The bottom of the fuselage formers have a notch in the middle for the carbon fiber rod running the length of the fuselage. I recommend reinforcing them with a section of 1/16th ply, otherwise they can be easily broken at that notch when handling the bottom. Make a template with cardboard and then cut the ply to fit. Hopefully the attached pic is comprehensive.
    I installed a DLE61 in mine and it came in at 20lbs with 16oz of fuel and has plenty of power. The DA70 is going to add another pound and you'll probably want to go with a 24oz tank for the flight time so another pound and a half total. I'm sure it will still fly great, it just won't be the float monster it is at 20lbs and considering how it flies at that weight, I wouldn't want to add any more and sacrifice performance. I've got the 93" Extra with the DA70 in it. With 24oz of fuel it weighs 22.5lbs and that strikes me as the perfect match. They're both great looking planes in the air.

    Attached Files:

  7. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    This will be a stock build through and through, no additions to the internals of the airplane or bigger fuel tanks.

    Figured the weight of a DA70 with mufflers is very similar to a DLE-60 with mufflers, Santago flies his with the DLE and it's very light.

    What size batteries are you using? Are you using cans or pipes? Every little thing counts...
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 12, 2016
  8. Brashair

    Brashair 30cc

    DLE61 with J-Tec wrap around. 2x 2200mah 2 cell lipo through Powersafe Rx. Savox 1270TG x5 and Hitec 5565 on the throttle. My weights are honest weights ready to fly with fuel, not the fantasy, wishful thinking BS weights I hear about quite often. BTW, what is "very light"? That doesn't really tell us anything about actual weight. Maybe Santiago can report what his weighs RTF with fuel so we can get some perspective. The three formers that I reinforced added 12 grams to the plane and is an obvious improvement in strength, so for me it's well worth the preventive maintenance.
  9. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    I'll ask Santiago to get his on a scale, but for now lets keep the thread relatively clean.
  10. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    Here is some awesome picture hotness for you guys!

    The airplane comes with carbon main gear, pre-drilled and ready to bolt in!

    Also includes SFG's that bolt in place as an option, I will be running them.

    Wheel pants and gear cuffs come pre painted, made of really strong fiberglass. The pants have the mounting blocks/nuts already pre installed.

    The elevator/stabs do not come pre-hinged which leaves you the option of how you want to hinge them. I will probably use the stock hinges, they seem to be real high quality. Also has CARBON reinforcing the mounting side!!!

    Rudder and vertical stab on the fuse side have the hinges pre-installed, this is a removable setup which makes it easy to fit it in smaller vehicles. I will be taking advantage of it.

    Wing/Stab carbon tubes are THICK and ready for abuse!!!

    Misc. hardware. Kit comes with some really quality linkages and carbon fiber control horns. There are also servo arms that bolt onto your existing servo arms, but I'll be using aluminum SWB arms.

    Fourtitude style clear tank comes completely pre-assembled and ready to go in!

    The main wheels and tailwheel assemblies are super high quality, the rubber is actually replaceable on the 3.5" wheels. Aluminum hubs as well.

    Misc. airplane pictures. Note lots of carbon throughout, including carbon reinforced stringers, carbon landing gear plate, and carbon reinforced landing gear plate.

    Cowl is pre-painted to match perfectly, and has thrust alignments built into it as well.

    Lots of good quality stuff throughout, very impressed with this kit. The 70" Slick Pro was impressive (and don't get me wrong, I LOVE that airplane still), but this raises the bar to a completely whole new level. I feel like the price tag should have included a lot less, but they really went above and beyond with the airplane and took care of you.

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