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  1. Joshet89

    SOLD! Aerobeez 60cc Extra W/ servos and more

    Selling my 60CC Aerobeez Extra. Less than 20 flights. Originally had a DA60 then was switched to a DA70. Either motor will pull this plane around with no problem. Hitec HS-8335SH HV servos on all the surfaces with a HS5665HV on throttle. Will include servos, switches, and an opto kill...
  2. Xpress

    The Aerobeez picture/throwdown threadfest!

    I think it's high time we get one of these threads rolling. Anything and everything Aerobeez, videos, pictures, tips, tricks, whatever, let 'er rip!!
  3. Bartman

    Brandon Stephens Joins Team Aerobeez!

    The folks at Aerobeez are very proud to announce the addition of Brandon Stephens to the team as a demo pilot. He's been flying for some time now and they're very happy to have him on the team. Here he is having a great time with an Aerobeez Extra 330. He's a member of the Lake City RC...
  4. Bartman

    Santiago Perez

    Santiago Perez calls Socal home and is part of Team Aerobeez flying a 35% Extra 330SC with a DA-120 and JR 28x. When he isn't doing demo flights at events he's competing in IMAC Unlimited and Freestyle. Santiago is currently sponsored by Aerobeez, JR, and ThunderPower.
  5. Aerobeez

    FLY RC: Video & Review: Aerobeez 55″ Edge 540 EPP Full Fuselage Foamy

    Hey all! If you have not picked up your new copy of Fly RC or taken a browse through it online, they just published a new review of our 55" EDGE 540! The issue you will find it in is their November issue for 2015. You can read the full write up here or in the image link below. You can also...
  6. Aerobeez

    NEW Q-Series Electric Motors by HACKER Now Available

    Here at Aerobeez we have been busy adding new products to our site and we are very proud to now offer the New Q-Series competition grade motors. This outstanding Q-series outrunner brushless-motor is the latest development of Hacker R&D department. Features: Best Cooling Maximum Power...
  7. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez Extra 330SC: What You Might Now Know About

    Hey everyone, we had lots of fun making this video in our new warehouse location. We wanted to give you more info on our 93" Extra 330SC and get some flying in at the field with our new team pilot Orel "Jazzy Hands" . If you guys have any questions please comment on our video. Check it out...
  8. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez 93" 32% Extra 330SC At Joe Nall 2015

    Hey all, happy Friday! Check out the new video we post of the 93" Extra flown here by team pilot Santiago Perez at Joe Nall 2015! Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzY9Wu0Y0xY Thanks for watching all. If you have any questions please let us know. Team Aerobeez
  9. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez 64" 20% Scale Electric Conversion MXS-R At Joe Nall 2015

    Hey everyone here at 3DRCforums! It has been a busy couple of weeks since Joe Nall and we have some new content of the 64" MXSR from when we were there. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqwITqXERzI This is the new Aerobeez 2015 MXS-R Specifications: Wing Span: 64 in (1625 mm)...
  10. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez 55″ EDGE 540 EPP Step By Step Build Guide

    Hello pilots and welcome to our Step By Step Build guide for the 55" EDGE 540 EPP Hybrid! This Edge 540 EPP Hybrid is one of the easiest and most straight forward build ARF's ever and we are happy to help walk you through each step as we would. In this build log, team pilot Pete will take you...
  11. Aerobeez

    Extra 330SC 93" ARF Maiden Flight in Socal with Pete!

    Join Pete as he takes the Aerobeez flagship 93" Extra330SC for the maiden flight in sunny California! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsNzFZWMGXU Recommended Setup: Engine: DLE 61 Prop: 24x8 Xoar Spinner: 4" Short Carbon Fiber Servos: Hitec HS8335SH This Extra 330SC boasts...
  12. Aerobeez

    TESTING - Aerobeez 93" EXTRA 330 SC with DLE 111 Twin!

    Hey everyone! We have been running some tests with team Pilot Santiago Perez on our 93" Extra 330 SC and we have some news to share. Today we successfully installed a DLE 111 Twin and ran our first maiden flight with the build. We will share more details later, but for now here are some pictures...
  13. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez 38†Slick 540 EPP Hybrid Step By Step Build Log and Guide - PART 1

    Welcome builders, flyers, hobby enthusiasts, and anyone interested in this beautiful 38" Slick 540 EPP Hybrid ARF RC Kit. This will be our build guide that will follow the basic steps to put this little beast of a plane together. This plane is one of our newest additions to the EPP lineup for...
  14. SupaTim

    SupaTim builds an AEROBEEZ 93″ Extra 330!

    With the "departure" of my 92" Edge, I freed up a slot in the garage for a 60cc size gasser. I've been eyeing this bad boy since I saw it at the AMA show in January so figured no better time than now to make it happen! I'm planning on following the Official Build Thread from Aerobeez HERE as...
  15. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez 93″ Extra 330 Step By Step Build Guide - Part 1

    Hi pilots! Welcome to your Aerobeez 93" Extra 330SC Full Build Review! In this build, Pete will take you step by step through the full build! Many of the tips may be applied to future builds of other ARF's! Here are a few things from your builder Pete. Hi friends! First off, I would like...
  16. 3dmike

    Aerobeez 48" Extra 330 EPP Full Fuse

    Aerobeez 48" Extra 330 EPP Full Fuse Here's the Aerobeez 48" Extra 330 that we have all come to love and now in a couple new schemes! Description: When it comes to 3D aerobatic performance, Extra never disappoints. So we decided to put this aerobatic model on our EPP airframe with a full...
  17. mnfatboy

    Aerobeez 88" 30% Scale MXS-R 50cc

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to posting here, been mostly perusing threads. I didn't see any threads on the MXS-R so I thought I'd post up my build experience and process. I picked this little gem up about a week ago. It's my first Aerobeez model and I have to say I am very impressed with the value...
  18. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez VIP Ticket 55" EDGE 540 EPP Giveaway

    Hey all you Aerobeez pilots, builders, and fans! Only a few more weeks until our brand NEW 2015 EPP line-up arrives. We are really excited about our two new color versions of the 48" Extra 330SC as well as our two new models that will be joining the 2015 line-up, the 55" EDGE 540 and the 38"...
  19. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez 65″ Yak 54 Profile Step By Step Build Guide - Part 1

    Yak-54 Profile Build Log Hello 3DRC Forum and Aerobeez pilots and builders and welcome to our 2015 65" Yak 54 20cc Profile build log! This exciting YAK-54 Profile will be built around the DLE-20 engine. Please take note that the build steps are that of our pro pilot Pete. When building...
  20. Aerobeez

    Valentines Day Sale Extended!

    Hey all you 3DRC pilots and Aerobeez fans. If you were looking at a plane in the past couple weeks on our site and thought you missed out on a great deal, don't fret, you can still take advantage! The Valentines Day Sale will go till the end of February! Enjoy all and Happy Presidents day...