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yak 54

  1. 3D-Seth

    For Sale QQAC 120" (37.5%) Yak 54

    Time to get rid of my 120" QQAC Yak 54, taking up a ton of space that I would like to have back in the garage! Selling as airframe only. This was the airplane I built for the Tucson Shootout around 2008. Has about 800 flights or so on it, in overall good condition for the age. Here is a video...
  2. C

    Need help with Yak build

    Is there anybody that can help me with my yak 54 I am wiring it up with a kill switch and two batteries and it's confusing me to the point where it's frustrating me is there anybody that can help me with a diagram or knowledge of setting up Electronics
  3. Ken Cz

    Carden Yak 54 32% DA100, Cans, etc. RTF

    Carden Yak 54 32% DA100, Cans, etc. RTF - Reduced $500 This is a perfect, never flown, Carden Yak 32% ready to fly. Now reduced to $3200.00 Here is what is included and the majority of items are brand new, purchased for this Airframe: Carden YAK 54 32% 100cc New, never flown...
  4. 3dmike

    RedwingRC 30cc Yak 54

    Specifications: Wing span: 73" Wing area: 1020 sq. in. All up flying weight: 10.5-12 lbs. depending on build style Length: 66" Engine: (Any 30-36cc engine) Recommended: DLE 30, DLE 35, PTE 36 Radio: 6 channel recommended (4ch possible) Recommended Spinner Size: 3" Recommended CG: 5 7/8" from the...
  5. Aerobeez

    Aerobeez 65″ Yak 54 Profile Step By Step Build Guide - Part 1

    Yak-54 Profile Build Log Hello 3DRC Forum and Aerobeez pilots and builders and welcome to our 2015 65" Yak 54 20cc Profile build log! This exciting YAK-54 Profile will be built around the DLE-20 engine. Please take note that the build steps are that of our pro pilot Pete. When building...