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Scale 1/3 Scale Piper Tri Pacer Build - WE Technical Service Plans


About 90% there with fitting to the fuselage. Still need to add a scoop on the bottom as shown in the photo.


See this nice looking Tri Pacer at the Warbirds and Classic event in Goshen. Spoke with the owner shortly at the flight line, built from W E Techcical Services plans, flew it once and it flew great. Done up in the 1957 scheme.


New to GSN!
I’m in the final stages of finishing the 1/5 scale version short kit from Laser Design. There were a few anomolies with the laser cutting as well as the plans. One wing panel on the plans was longer than the other. Fortunately I caught it and made adjustments to the assembly. I didn’t double up on any of the stab, fin, elevator and wing tip assemblies as shown on the plans. Much to much unnecessary weight and spoiled the scale thicknesses.