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2016 Oktoberfest @ HAMMER FIELD


Staff member
Hey everyone! I didn't get to make it out to this event, heard about it last minute! So I don't have any coverage of my own, but thanks to a few good guys, or well can't say guys since Lucy is a woman, LOL sorry Lucy :too-happy: but Just Lucy and Thurmma, thanks to these two, we can see what went down at this event!

This is a BEAUTIFUL field located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Lucy sure put in the work for this one for me! Big thanks to you! She went and talked to Tom Hammer himself and got a little info about the event and club as well.

Lucy asked questions such as, when was the club established? 1976.
Who is the Event coordinator? Dale Locander
She asked a little about the event and what was likely to be seen at this event. The response was that this is a fun fly event, fly what you brought, with two exceptions~ no helis and no 3d! Tom also stated that this event has been going on for 20 years and use to be just a fun fly and now it seems that there are more warbirds at this event then anything! GOTTA LOVE THEM WAR BIRDS! :laughing:

As of the morning that Lucy was there, there was already 31 registered pilots, and no telling how many more was coming. Maybe she found out more? Who knows. Lets see what happens and what kind of info we see in this post!

Once again, I would like to thank Just Lucy and Thurmma for the pictures and info from this event! Now lets sit back and see what this event was all about. SPOILER alert! I've seen a few pictures, and WOW!

Big thank you as well to Dale Locander and the Dawn Patrol Squadron for a great event, and Tom Hammer for talking to Lucy!


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Just Lucy

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I had a great time attending this event. The people were great to talk to. A lot of different planes were present. Pilots from Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma came down/over to Eureka Springs. I attended the event Friday but was unable to over the weekend. Thurmma took some pictures of the flying on Saturday. I wish I could have participated on the flying end but work got in the way.


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Just Lucy

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Here's a few more pictures I took. Now to wait for the rest from Thurmma.


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