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33% Pawnee 80cc ARF 130"
I will put a build list together. I will list some of the highlights
H9 PAWNEE ARF $1,490
Hangar 9 Pawnee
W/ Electric Starter $1,000
Smoke Pump $ 200
Power Panel $300
MTW Short Canister front exhaust $380
Special Headers MTW $200
Spare parts

cowl $ 107
Struts $ $75
Motor box $61.00
NAV Light lenses $60

So the story on this plane. A fellow pilot, that I had built 6 or 7 planes for him over the years. Came to me and ask if I would build him the H9 Pawnee.
Long story but I agreed to build the H9. The Manual if I remember correctly states an 80-hour build time. After 250 hours I stop counting. In the past, I would only charge the amount the plane cost. In this case $1,500.
I found a German forum that a complete build on the H9 as a tug plane. I show him and that's what he wanted. After doing several modifications as recommended as shown in the build article. I will try to put a grocery list together of what was installed. For now, I am going to attach build pictures that are in no related sequence to the build. I usually never take the time to take pictures when I build, due to, it taking too much time. Now I am glad I did.
So, once the plane was done I call him and his wife inform me of his health was such that he would never be able to fly again. I held onto the plane for way too long thinking or hoping his health would change.
Now the plane is going up for sale and with that said, this plane is not for everyone, useless they like quality components and the time that it took to modify all the items that make it a better plane than what the factory shipped. For example- the windows were blowing out and they are none replaceable another quick one, is the structs support. The wood I too weak for a 48-pound plane. Even on a good landing, it had problems of breaking, so all that area had to be rebuilt. The struts are the same. Inside the shock has a spring that makes an ungodly noise going down the runway. A mod that you line the cylinder wall with Teflon to prevent the spring from rubbing metal against metal. Those Germans think of everything. I will try to find the forum that had all this information.

I found the article But now the forum is called SOARING USA I think the article came from Aerotowing when I built the plane

H9 33% Pawnee Tug Conversion about 8 pages long

Note: I do have a spare engine cover, spare struts, wing tip NAV lights lens, and the wooden engine box in case if someone wants to make it electric


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