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Scale 45% Hostetler Pitts S-1-11-B.....cowl/wheel pants availability from Fiberglass Specialties?

Was thinking of building the 45% Hostetler Pitts S-1-11B kit but cannot reach Fiberglass Specialties to see if he still makes the cowl/wheel pants for it
There's a gentleman in Australia who makes a short kit, but he indicated that he's not sold any lately because no one can get the cowl/wheel pants.
Anyone have an 'inside' track on reaching the owner?


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Have you tried asking over on RCSB? I've been a member there since '05/06 if you want me to ask.


The WH site for this plane shows the 45% cowl available from G&L hobbies that I have read is closed. The site shows 35% available from Fiberglass Specialties. I hope you find one.