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AJ Laser 230z 73" Build Thread


640cc Uber Pimp
Did some wing rework. Cracks keep showing up around the wingroot/tube area. Probably from taking the wings on and off so much with tens of gallons worth of flights.
I removed the partial section of sheeting from the wingtube to the hold down screw. Made a G10 sheet and epoxied them in place.
Recovered and should be good to go. Might even do the other side (not as bad).
0538CB6E-F95E-4BEB-B991-32833899E706.jpeg 7C825AE7-8C7B-437F-A16D-79B51DF16859.jpeg 7A0BDDB9-B0A5-472A-B9D7-1A5DBD9F91C3.jpeg 0FFC9A07-FFD5-4C00-A44A-2CBED03917A5.jpeg 6FCC7098-C893-470D-8B79-F4D12C77DC6D.jpeg EB2E8EE4-E34B-4481-9CFB-5B1E2139A72E.jpeg 404112CA-4F16-45FA-BCA5-7472BAE61885.jpeg C64C4C10-1027-44AB-8278-8EF67D057653.jpeg FDCE67A1-3990-40AD-8255-009A8193468C.jpeg