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AMA SHOW 2016 -- Video Coverage!!

Joe Hunt

Nice job, thanks!

You bet, brother! I have two more videos yet to put up... but the two I wished I would have taken also was the hour long chat I had over a sandwich with Brian Gilmore of DA. We talked about their up coming 4stroker and their testing with fuel injection. I told him I'm amazed at him and Dave, how they're always so happy and nice. I feel the same about Bob Ritchie at Smart-Fly. I've done tech support, and I've told all these guys I'd have lost my mind having to deal with us modelers. haha Brian, and this is after 22 years of doing this, says "How could I ever get upset with guys that bought engines from us?" He says if a call is really difficult he'll tell himself to take it as a personal challenge to find the right answer for the guy. Anyway, we're lucky to have a few of these great support guys in the hobby. I don't think you can train someone to be like them, they're born like that, I believe. The other thing I should have video taped is/was Frank Tiano doing his Buddy Hackett impersonation. haha The AMA show is not the Giant Scale show it used to be years ago. But I could have stayed there for many more hours... doing interviews and talking to everyone. :)