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AutoCAD Tips and Tricks


640cc Uber Pimp
Ok I am addicted to AutoCAD right now starting to get the hang of it and working through things quite quickly and also learning a hole bunch of short cuts. Started to fix small things and before you know it you really into it again and making it lighter and stronger. Also figured out that it would be quite difficult to build the stabilizer in place so now it is removable so that I can build flat on a table sheet it and then in stall it easier and quicker the only weight that I picked up was the sleeve.


640cc Uber Pimp
That's way too many steps. Download an install this mini piece of software called cutepdf: http://www.cutepdf.com/

It sets up as a printer. From Autocad you select print, select window, window what you want printed and select cutepdf for the device. Saves as a pdf. You can print using cutepdf from any windows software.


Thanks terry I will look into that. Never knew existed. Still learning this whole CAD thing but I’m getting pretty good at. Or at least at draining profiles. Have some ideas I want to draw up for a 35cc full fuse plane but haven’t quite gotten my mind around how to draw in 3D yet.