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Idea! Avatar Update


Great day of flying yesterday, which happened to be Friday the 13th!



Looking forward to this year’s Round Engine Round Up in Idaho Falls, ID at the end of June - www.aeromark.com.
Artwork courtesy of good friends Simone and Mirco at AircraftStudioDesign in Modena, Italy - www.aircraftstudiodesign.com


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So I got this crazy idea.... as I sauntered amongst the pages upon pages of awesome posts from everyone, I noticed everyone's Avatar. Some are different from when you all joined, some have stayed the same. Most generally everyone posts something in their Avatar that they are partial to. A beast looking Bipe, @WMcNabb or a really cool looking Hamburgler, @49dimes. Oh you guys have some good ones for sure. Then I got to thinking... To help all of us stay current and up to date...(cause some of us seem to wander away from time to time to attend to life...Hmmm!) I thought it would be kind of cool if we changed up our Avatar from time to time. You know? Like change it to something like our most current build photo or most current thrill? It might make things a little interesting. "Hmm, what the heck is @Jetpainter up to? What's this? A different Avatar? I best be for checking on what he is doing"! Know what I mean? What do you guys think? Wanna give it a try? I'll start the change up.... take a look....Yeah, it's the Behemoth Stang in its' most recent stage.

Hi Yes I think that's a great idea unless of course, you have some great attachment to your AVATAR...but otherwise its a good idea