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Awesome Video Thread


640cc Uber Pimp
Don't think Jase spent a lot of time prepping for this. John had a teleprompter for him. Maybe he'd give away more trade secrets if he hadn't :speechless:. But seriously, lots to learn from the pros... and the comments to their videos.


640cc Uber Pimp
Cannot get enough of John Woodfield RC Gliders Channel. Slope thermal gliding at it's finest and so relaxing to watch.
This glider is a modified Leprechaun modified from free-flight outerzone plans to a 2ch RC.


Missed our annual pilgrimage to the backcountry of Idaho, thanks to this lovely world in which we’re currently living.
But was able to live vicariously through another pilot’s videos.
Fly along for some awesome scenery and skillful aviating.