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Big Bushwheels 14"-16" for Carbon Cub 55%


Long time I was searching all around for quite big bushwheels (biggest I know PMT 262mm) for my new Carbon Cub 55% which could be maidened in spring.
Finally we made our foamwheels. They are very light but not so elasitic. Fortunately very flexible is landing gear.
Last succes for me was these Barum Bushwheels 400 mm !! - they are superflexible, still very light for such big plane and inflatable. They can also be ordered but only in limited amount.
Have you seen any bigger bushwheels?


  • barum 16.jpg
    barum 16.jpg
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  • cub1.jpg
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  • barum 16 demo 2.jpg
    barum 16 demo 2.jpg
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