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Discussion Bud Nosen Citabria


New to GSN!
Im wondering what technique people used to taper the side window framing when building the 1/4 scale Citabria. After the 1/4” sheeting is added to the lower fuse, vertical pieces are added to the window frames including the horizontal frame on the top of the windows, right under where the wings sit. The pieces are 1/4” thick and must be tapered from 1/4” at the bottom to nothing at the top. So in the photo, the space under the ruler will be filled with the tapered balsa member. It seems real cumbersome tapering the horizontal piece on top because nearly all of it needs to be shaved away, and be flush with the vertical uprights. I guess a long rasp will do he work but has anyone had problems doing it without damaging adjacent wood?
Balsa sands really easy with a 150 grt. Just use short strokes and be mindful of where you apply pressure to the sanding bar. Quick and easy!!


640cc Uber Pimp
I agree with the 150 grit on a sanding bar. You can tape the area you don't want sanded with sacrificial blue masking tape and just be mindful wile sanding. Then you can switch to 220/400 for final sanding. I spent many years just using 220 and what a mistake that was. 150 FTW