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Cars and planes


Let's discuss what planes fit in what cars.

I have a Volvo S60 T5 and I can handily fit three 50"-class planes in it with the back seat down. I'm thinking of moving into the 70" class and I have high hopes I can fit them in the car if I fold the front passenger seat. I may have to take the LG off though. (The alternative is to ask my wife to use the family SUV [that I pay for], but squeezing a plane into my small car using vaseline and a crowbar seems easier... :))

What planes can you fit in your cars? Tell me about your Houdini-like transportation miracles! :)


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I personally love the fact I have a "Man Van" and can easily fit all my planes in my wife's Honda odyssey!


I can fit a 51" Slick in my Mini Cooper S with the wings on no less. Takes a bit of fanagaling but it works. This is with both back seats layed down. I first tried with the wings off and TurnerM ragged me because the rudder was at full deflection and the elevator was at full down. I had to prove that it could be done so 10 minutes later I was taking a pic.

I recently went to Atlanta and picked up two planes, a 47" Velox V1 and a 45" EF Extra 300. Both fit in the back with the wings off, had a two foot hydranga from my grandparents house in the front seat for the wife.


i have a soccor mom van,yeah i know ,but it suits me because not only can i fit my planes but i can also fit drywall and other stuff needed to do my side work
I've fit 3 foamies, a UMX Beast, a 41" Edge, a 42" Slick, and my Tx, and tool bag in a Chevy Suburban.
I can also fit a 2 Foamies, a UMX Beast, and a 51" Slick in an Audi A8L.
I have a VW Jetta Sport wagon and with the back seat folded down I can fit in my 70" Slick, 60" EF Edge, 51" Sabre-X, Skywing 48" MXS, 47" Sabre, 35" Sabre, and my 35" Scap. All except the three profile planes have the wings off. In addition I get my transmitter case, battery case, chargers, and a cooler big enough to hold a case of pop on ice, a folding chair, and a big umbrella shelter sort of thing for shade. No room for passengers though.


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I can stuff 6 foamies, 2 60", a 70", an 85", a 86", a 93", a 105", and a 115" inside of my van. But I might have a slight advantage...


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